Odyssey Celebrates 15 Years

Celebrations November 16, 2018: Odyssey employees, friends, and family gathered at Space Center Houston on Friday November 9th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company. Surrounded by mementos of progress in space, Odyssey President Jana Rebmann regaled the audience with the Odyssey Space Research origin story and the progress Odyssey has helped make in the past decade and a half in space. Chief Executive Officer Brian Rishikof joined in the celebration with accolades of the hard work accomplished and hints of exciting work to come. The evening concluded with scientific minds, both young and old, enjoying out-of-this-world science exhibits such as Mars rover simulators, model rockets, and moon rocks. Here’s to looking at a bright future!

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COMPASS Simulation Certified for AA-2

 width=October 23, 2018: The Core Operations, Mission Planning, and Analysis Spacecraft Simulation (COMPASS), a joint development effort between JSC and JPL and supported by Odyssey Space Research, has recently passed an Operational Readiness Review for AA-2. The software will be used by the Flight Dynamics and Operations Group in NASA’s Flight Operations Directorate to perform Range Safety analysis and to generate data products for this important test of the Orion Launch Abort System.

Development of the next release of the software, which will undergo safety critical certification, is currently underway. Successfully completing this certification will allow the COMPASS software to be used to generate Day-Of-Launch I-Load Updates (DOLILU) for the EM-1 mission. These updates customize the vehicle steering commands for the current environment and verify the integrated vehicle trajectory’s loads, controls, and performance just prior to launch.

Photo Credit: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-moves-up-critical-crew-safety-launch-abort-test
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Apollo Flight Director visits Odyssey

Lunney during Gemini 3
October 17, 2018: Odyssey Space Research was honored to host NASA legend Glynn Lunney and have him share stories and leadership lessons from his many years at NASA.

“The visit from Mr. Lunney was truly inspiring! We greatly appreciate him taking time to share with us his first-hand knowledge and provide our leadership team with this amazing learning opportunity.” – Jana Rebmann, President Odyssey Space Research

Glynn Lunney Visits with OSR LeadershipMr. Lunney’s storied career includes serving as a Flight Dynamic Officer (FIDO) during Project Mercury and Flight Director for several Gemini and Apollo missions. He also served as Program Manager for both the Apollo-Soyuz Test Program and the Space Shuttle Program.

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SFA Team Award

SFA-Team-AwardSeptember 24, 2018: Odyssey congratulates the ISS Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Team and the Commercial Crew Program GN&C Assessment Team on receiving Space Flight Awareness Team Awards! The Team Award is given out by the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Program and is awarded to “small groups of employees that have demonstrated exemplary teamwork while accomplishing a particular task or goal in support of the human space program” and was presented to Odyssey recipients by Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer. The SFA Program is the same program that awards the Silver Snoopy Award. Odyssey also received the SFA Team Award in 2009 and 2013. The recipients for this year’s SFA Team Awards are:

2017 ISS Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Team SFA-Team-Award-Recipients

  • Tony Bullard
  • Debbie Dalby
  • Jasmine D’Souza
  • Chris Foster
  • Martin Heyne
  • Jeff Morris
  • Matt Shaver
  • Dax Slaughter
  • Danielle Snyder

2017 Commercial Crew Program GN&C Assessment Team

  • Aaron Brogley
  • Martin Heyne
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SpX-15 Mission Complete

August 3, 2018: The unmanned Dragon cargo resupply vehicle successfully completed its fifteenth mission to the International Space Station (ISS) today. Odyssey engineers supported from the Johnson Space Center Mission Control Complex as SpaceX’s Dragon departed ISS, starting with release from the SSRMS robotic arm at 16:38 UTC. Re-entry followed a few hours later, with successful splashdown occurring at 22:17 UTC in the Pacific Ocean. Odyssey is proud of its continued support of all the Visiting Vehicles to the ISS. Congratulations to the entire SpaceX and NASA team! For more information on the SpaceX Dragon, visit the SpaceX website: http://www.spacex.com

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Odyssey Board Game Night

August 2, 2018: Odyssey hosted a board game night for its employees and their families this evening. A variety of games were played, but all agreed that it was a good time of fun and fellowship!

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