Odyssey Space Research

Job description:
Odyssey Space Research is looking for an outstanding candidate to do design, analysis, testing, and verification of spacecraft fault management systems. The position requires both depth and breadth of understanding of spacecraft faults in multiple subsystems; fault detection, isolation, and recovery techniques; fault management architectures; and effective analysis and testing of proper system handling of spacecraft failures during all flight phases.


  • BS and MS degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, or similar degree program
  • 5+ years experience with spacecraft FDIR techniques
  • 3+ years of C++ and Python experience in a Linux environment
  • 5+ years working with multiple spacecraft subsystems
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem investigation skills
  • Strong data analysis skills, including advanced analysis using metaheuristics
  • The ability to quickly understand a complex design and predict its response in a wide variety of scenarios


  • Experience developing models for and doing analysis with a simulation framework, such as JSC’s Trick simulation environment, GMAT, or similar
  • Experience with simulating and modeling spacecraft failures